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Federation Tower

Moscow, Russia

Parallel Plus

Mirax Group

Schweger & Partners
NPS Tchoban Voss

Yuan Da

Rather than relying on historical influences, the architects were asked to design a thoroughly modern complex in the heart of financial district.

The futuristic Federation Tower, owned by the Mirax Group, is a modern skyscraper complex. Once completed, it will be the tallest building in Europe and is set revitalize the skyline of the city.  Construction began in 2003 and is due for completion in 2009.  The complex consists of three towers of varying heights; Tower A is to reach 354m, Tower B is designed to be 242m and Tower C will reach 448.2m. The total construction costs for the building are estimated to reach $530 million.

The podium of the tower will house entertainment facilities and retail outlets whilst the bridges linking Towers A and B, will contain a selection of cafés and restaurants. The three towers will contain state-of-the-art offices, luxury apartments and a five-star Hyatt Hotel.

The smooth, curved façade of the towers is maintained with the use of Securistyle’s innovative Parallel hinge system. The parallel hinge allows for maximum natural ventilation with minimal disruption to the façade appearance whilst the windows are in the open position.  The practicality of the parallel system has proved popular with architects as it allows them to create modern buildings with vast facades without compromising on design.

The Parallel is manufactured from high grade 304 austenitic stainless steel. The specifically selected high-grade material provides increased strength and enhanced resistance to corrosion, fully supported by a 12 year guarantee.