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Natural Ventilation & Sustainability

SEMINAR - An Open and Shut Case for Natural Ventilation and Sustainability

Opening solutions for natural ventilation continue to be incorporated into the World’s most prestigious commercial building projects, most recently the Federation Towers project in Moscow and the new Hospital complex in Birmingham. It’s parallel opening system technology is truly state of the art.  

This seminar will assist the architect when designing commercial buildings to meet the latest legislation for safety and smoke evacuation whilst providing solutions for natural ventilation.  

Serving such regular clients as Permasteelisa, Yuan Da, Technal etc, Securistyle’s Architectural services include an in-house technical team plus customer service engineers dealing with customer queries, world wide.

This Seminar Offers:

  • A brief walk through the standards which pertain for opening solutions for naturally ventilated buildings.
  • In-depth information about many aspects of natural ventilation with added emphasis on green issues and provides help in formulating strategies for creating more sustainable buildings.
  • Ways to achieve safe effective smoke evacuation through the curtain wall which help the fire fighter to perform more efficiently.
  • New opportunities to influence the aesthetics of a building through the informed choice of different designs for openings within the curtain wall.

Learning Aims:

This seminar will assist the Architect when designing buildings to meet the latest legislation for safety and smoke evacuation whilst providing, technologically advanced, sustainable environments.


Seminar - 30-45 minutes with additional time for a question and answer session.

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To arrange Securistyle to come and present this seminar at your presmises please contact our CPD Co-ordinator on 01242 221200 or click here for our booking form.


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