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Free CPD Seminars

As members of the RIBA's CPD Providers Network we understand that Continuous Professional Development (CPD) plays an important role in maintaining and improving professionalism and knowledge on subjects relevant to your job. At Securistyle we offer three different types of RIBA approved CPD seminars; 'An Open & Shut Case for Natural Ventilation & Sustainability', 'Safe & Secure Ironmongery for Window and Doors' and our new one called 'Secure Escape - resolving the conflict for doors'.

These seminars provide the opportunity to avoid costly mistakes with your window and door ironmongery specification by seeking advice and learning all the facts. Each seminar lasts approximately 40 minutes with extra time for questions. Below is a brief synopsis of both but you can click on the names of each for more detailed information.


Open and Shut Case for Natural Ventilation and Sustainability

The seminar looks at the effectiveness of various styles of fenestration in terms of their performance against design requirements in a variety of types of building using CFDs to measure ventilation rates and smoke evacuation.


Safe & Secure Ironmongery for Windows and Doors

This seminar covers the legislative requirements, the current British and European standards relating to Means of Escape and security including the requirements of Secured by Design in relation to windows and doors in dwellings.


Secure Escape - resolving the conflict for doors

Looks at the need to resolve the conflict security v. means of escape in a variety of types of dwelling. Covering the guidance from the joint Police and Fire Service initiative, SBD and the NHBC as well as the applicable current British and European Standards.